"One little bean and a dream"
Our Journey
Our story started in 1975, when my wife was eight years old
working on her family soybean farm in Iowa. On a hot muggy,
summer day, Anne told her parents that one day she would
start her own business. Now at the time, Anne thought it would
be a cookie business, but it was in her family's soybean field
that a small dream was planted.

In 1991 Anne and I met in Des Moines, Iowa.  While working
for a large conservative data processing company we
discovered we both shared a strong desire to start our own
business one day.

Some thirteen years later, in 2004 while relaxing and playing
with our two daughters, we thought of an idea to create a
hummus type of dip using the great tasting Edamame soybean.
After a few months of tinkering in the kitchen with different
ingredients, Anne created six different flavors that we started
to serve to family and friends.

Due to the overwhelming positive feedback, we began testing
our products with others and soon realized we had an original
great tasting, all natural, nutritional product.

In 2005 Anne began selling our product at the local farmers'
markets and in 2006 we landed our first local retail grocer.

In 2007 we landed our first national grocer -
Whole Foods.

In 2008, after 20+ years of working in the corporate world, we
wanted a change. We wanted to take a chance and pursue our
dream that we talked about some 20 years ago. We wanted to
produce a tangible product that was nutritional and great

So in 2008 we officially began working full time on our dream
and launched Soy-Sen-Zay with a simple slogan -

"One Little Bean and a Dream"

We're not sure where this journey will take us, but we're sure
going to enjoy the ride.

"Unless each day can be looked back upon by an individual
as one in which he has had some fun, some joy, some real
satisfaction, that day is a loss".

                                                     -Anonymous Author
Field of Dreams
Soy-Sen-Zay LLC
Shawnee, KS 66217
Our Passion
We are dedicated to creating all natural,
nutritional and delicious food products made
from the great tasting Edamame Soybean.
Our Joy
We generate a lot of satisfaction and receive a
ton of joy creating new products and sharing
them with you, our family and friends.  

We take great pride in being the world's first
company to create and commercially market
our delicious Edamame Dips.

We know, others will follow, but it's nice to be
the one who planted the "first" seed and shared
our products with the world.
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